Are you looking to create a pipeline of your ideal clients so that you can focus on running your business?

If so, then I work with people just like you to help them grow their client base and free up their time to focus on the important stuff, like making money.


Have you thrown money at Facebook ads only to be left scratching your head wondering why they just don’t seem to work like they do for everyone else?

I hear ya! Facebook Ads can have that effect on people. Not to mention burn through your money quicker than Kim Kardashian in Louis Vuitton. Yet at the end of your campaign you’ve got nothing to show for it except an email from Facebook notifying you how much money you’ve thrown down the toilet.

With 1.23 billion active users on Facebook every day, it’s pretty safe to say that your clients are on Facebook. So, if you haven’t managed to reach them through your ads, it’s also pretty safe to say that your ad is likely to be the issue.

That’s the problem with Facebook Ads – or the beauty of it depending on your success rate. It’s now so easy to ‘boost a post’ or ‘create an ad’, that business owners, entrepreneurs and Social Media Managers to name a few are spending money with no real clue what they’re doing.

I know because I’ve done it, long before I had any idea just what was involved with running a high converting ad. Having learned the intricacies and strategies required to see results and understand the data, it makes me cringe to think what I was doing. I can honestly say, knowing what I do now, I would never have attempted to run any ads – it’s just too easy to spend all your money and end up hearing crickets.

So, you’ve got a couple of options for you to help clear the Facebook Ads fog: