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I am a self-confessed Facebook Ads nerd who was lucky enough to be mentored by Facebook’s Global Strategy team. There’s nothing I love more than getting knee deep in data and talking funnels and strategy to anyone who will listen and the same goes for my team!

I am a self-confessed Facebook Ads nerd who was lucky enough to be mentored by Facebook’s Global Strategy team. There’s nothing I love more than getting knee deep in data and talking funnels and strategy to anyone who will listen and the same goes for my team!

I worked in advertising agencies and global brands for over 15 years and loved it! I enjoyed the fast pace, the community and the late nights. But then I got pregnant with my little boy and after returning from maternity leave, all the things I loved about working in a successful global agency no longer seemed to fit my new lifestyle and quite frankly, I was made to feel a little washed up and irrelevant.

I found myself at a crossroads. I had a burning passion for online marketing but a fear missing the important years of my son’s life. Looking for an interesting job that offered flexibility and wasn’t low-ball pay was quite frankly – impossible.

And after 7 months of living on one income and stretching the £144 I made from my one client, I knew something had to change.

Stressed out of my mind and drowning in debt, I went to Job Centre and found out about a scheme that supports people who want to run their own business. After applying and being accepted the government supported me with £66 a week for 13 weeks followed by £33 for 13 weeks. Not a lot of money but when you’re back is up against the wall you will be surprised how you can turn things around.

From that moment on I threw myself into a building an agency that focussed on the one thing I not only loved but was super passionate about – Facebook Ads.
Fast forward to today and I run not one, but two highly successful businesses that pulled in multiple six figures in 7 months.

I have built up a highly successful Facebook Ads agency that runs ads for business owners and entrepreneurs

Run sell-out courses on Facebook Ads and Building a Boutique Agency

Run webinars for companies on Facebook Ads

Teach on Mastermind retreats in LA on Facebook Ads and building an online presence

Run a kick-ass membership for course graduates

Do I sound like the person you need to help skyrocket your business?

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Cat Price, Founder of Spin and Sway

I would highly recommend Emma Van Heusen’s FB Adcelerator Programme to anyone who is serious about working hard and getting deep into the nitty gritty of how to run smoking hot strategic Facebook ad campaigns. Learning from Emma was truly inspirational and my expectations were exceeded by miles. Essential knowledge on how to monetise our new found expertise and support and coaching that helped me realise I can achieve whatever I put my mind to were invaluable. It has added huge value to not only my career, but my life as a whole in a way I would never have thought possible.

Jo Williams, Chapter and Verse

What I expected to get from Emma’s FB Adcelerator was a really solid understanding of how to run Facebook ads well, some feedback on my approach and how my current ads were working and to learn alongside like-minded women. What I got was so much more – a shift in my thinking, clear goals for my business, the skills and confidence to go after them and a full order book and growing pipeline of clients for the future. 

Faye Morgan, 365 Day Social

Having just completed Emma’s Adcelerator course I can truthfully say what a game changer it has been for me in terms of my career, income and mindset. I didn’t realise the opportunities would come so quickly into the course. Within weeks of starting I had two clients to use as my test clients. By the end of the 12 week course I had two new paying clients, running eComm funnels and have completed several paid 1:1’s about ads, helping others grow their business. The course has given me a new confidence and extraordinary motivation in building upon my success in the film industry and channeling it towards a career in Facebook & Instagram ads that is fulfilling and financially rewarding. I’ve tripled my monthly invoice in 12 weeks and can only see it rising.

Katy Henson, Social Chestnut

This has been the best course I’ve done. It has energised and excited me. I like something practical. I like to do the work as I learn and put into practise. Emma Van Heusen’s Facebook Adcelerator is brimming with the latest learning, sound advice, tips and tricks and really in depth understanding.  It is intense and you get out what you put in. But Emma and her team are always there to support you, explain and demonstrate.

I thrive in an open, helpful and positive environment and this course and Emma has it in bucketloads.

I just want more of it to be honest.

Anna Frapwell Prince, Neon Digital Clicks

Wow! What a course! I’ve loved every minute and learnt so much, I knew there was so much I needed to know about Facebook ads, but my mind has been blown over the last few months. It’s worth noting, it’s not easy, it takes time and dedication, but you’ll get out what you put in!

I was really apprehensive about the cost of the course, I was on maternity leave and to be honest, didn’t feel I could justify it. How wrong was I? I have gained so much. Not only a new lucrative skill set, but also new found confidence.

Emma and her team are amazing, their support and the course content is worth every penny.

Allison Christie, Tick the List with Allison Christie

Emma’s Facebook Adcelerator course has been a complete game-changer in my business. I actually can’t believe how much I’ve learned, and now the course is over I actually want to go back to the beginning and go through all of the modules again as I’m sure I’ll learn even more. It’s packed with content and info but it’s not overwhelming or confusing. You somehow don’t realise you’re learning as much as you are! It’s THE FB Ads course to go on, but more than that it’s a mindset shift and a confidence builder – both critical elements when you’re aiming to run big campaigns for clients. The funnel building focus has been BEYOND game changing too.  I joined the course purely based on recommendations of others so my expectations were high, and even they have been blown out of the water! 

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