I’m a Facebook Ads nerd.

It’s not something I tell people very often but seeing as you’re here this little gem of information could be music to your ears.

I’ve worked in advertising and marketing for over 20 years ago and got to cut my teeth on some big brands across many sectors from telecoms to health and wellbeing. They all had one thing in common though – they wanted to attract and retain their ideal clients.

As well as working both agency and client side, I have also been fortunate enough to spend 6 months being mentored by Facebook’s Global Strategy team. Getting to work this closely with the mighty machine itself has helped to give me an edge. I got to see how they approach Facebook advertising for the big brands they work with and now I apply this knowledge and methods in own business.

I currently work with a number of clients in a range of industries from the gym and fitness industry through to luxury beauty brands – all with the goal of growing their business and creating a pipeline of their ideal customers.

Does this sound like something that you want more of in your business? If the answer is yes, then why not book a discovery call to find out whether we would be a good fit?

Our session was so insightful – thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and tips. I definitely feel more confident moving forwards with Ads Manager and future campaigns (even on my tiny budget). I’ve already lost the rabbit in headlights look about me when talking about FB ads – best 2 hrs I’ve had in ages (ha!).

Wendy Cresta

Social Media Manager, Kiss The Moon

To anyone out there thinking of using Emma to grow their business by establishing and connecting with their perfect clients, generating leads and making sales, DO IT! DO NOT delay!

Not only is Emma a pleasure to work with but she knows her stuff and I’m already seeing a return on my investment in FB advertising after a few short weeks!

Donna Downey

Owner, Saks Beauty, Bristol

I just want to say congratulations on the success of your pre-order campaign. You received nearly10 times ROI which is great!

Lisa Gahan

Facebook Global Marketing Services

My power session with Emma was a lifesaver! I needed some quite specific targeting quite quickly and Emma was able to get straight to the point  and tailor the session to the client I had pointed her to in advance. She gave me loads of tips for FB Ads in general but also specific tips for audiences I would need to be creating very quickly. At the end of the hour I felt I had gained a few brain cells! And a few days later when there was an ad emergency she came to the rescue again!

Cathy Wassell

Marketing and Social Media Strategist, Socially Contented

If you think that I sound like the sort of person your business needs, then let’s book a call and make things happen.