The Facebook ADcelerator Training Programme With Emma Van Heusen

Stop ‘winging it’ with your ads and become a confident Facebook Marketer.

Go from stressing over spending client’s money to running client campaigns and funnels, become a go-to Facebook Ads expert, and build yourself a thriving business as a result with my brand new programme.


“I’ve tripled my monthly invoice in 12 weeks and can only see it rising”

   Faye Morgan, 365 Day Social

Stop ‘winging it’ with your ads and become a confident Facebook Marketer.

The Facebook ADcelerator Training Programme With Emma Van Heusen

Go from stressing over spending client’s money to running client campaigns and funnels, become a go-to Facebook Ads expert, and build yourself a thriving business as a result with my brand new programme.


“I’ve tripled my monthly invoice in 12 weeks and can only see it rising”

   Faye Morgan, 365 Day Social

So you’re interested in understanding more about Facebook Ads?

Good move, I did it and have never looked back. While everyone else is talking about how much “competition” there is in the ads world and how running ads is becoming “too expensive,” you’re here recognising the huge opportunity at your fingertips.

And it really is a huge opportunity. Literally at your fingertips. Here’s why.

More businesses are running ads than ever before — which means more brands need expert help to harness the power in the arena (and are willing to pay for it).

There are more businesses than ever wanting to advertise on the platform, which means the demand for Facebook™ Marketers is growing. Bring into the mix the new IOS updates and now people with real knowledge and expertise are leaving the wingers, chancers and DIYers for dust. Become one of those experts and you’ll have clients clamouring to work with you and pay you handsomely for your services. The more clients you work with, the more results you’ll have to shout about. And soon enough, you’ll be able to raise your rates to the premium level that reflects the true value of your skills and only take on the clients you want to work with rather than saying “Yes” to anything that comes your way.

Anna Frapwell, Neon Digital Clicks

“I made my money back from the course before it had finished and am now enjoying £5.5k months thanks to Facebook Ads and associated work”.

FB Ads are seen as a bit of a dark art — which means businesses are becoming more understanding of the importance of strategy.

Under my mentorship you’ll no longer be winging it by knocking out an ad with no clue what the data is telling you. Instead you’ll understand how to build and implement strategic campaigns, optimise as you go, identify the bottle necks and confidently interpret the data.

Mel Eilers, Owner of Socially Sound

“It’s like someone has given me a shot of adrenaline and I am going to get stuff done. Woe betide anyone who tells me otherwise!"

Many have had their fingers burned by FB Ads “experts” in the past — which means just like cream, the true experts rise to the top.

People are quick to say that Facebook ads don’t work, but the truth is they absolutely work when you know how to run them properly. If they didn’t work there wouldn’t be so many brands wanting to use the platform – even the big brands are falling over themselves to have a piece of the action. The truth of the matter is that Facebook Ads are a dark art and you don’t know what you don’t know. When you know Facebooks Ads inside out and have a deep understanding of the strategy BEHIND running ads, your confidence to deliver for clients — and their reassurance in hiring you — will go through the roof.

Jenny Hall, One Voice Marketing

“This course has been a gamechanger for me both personally and professionally. Despite having the Social Media Marketing skills, I’d always held back from approaching the big brands because I lacked the Paid Social expertise. I had a stuck mindset. This course sorted me out on both counts, so much so, I’m on her Agency Accelerator programme now to learn how to scale!”

Are you ready to step out of the role of being stressed out and ‘winging’ it and into the role of a FB Marketer who knows their shizzle and charges their worth?

Truthbomb: you can’t become an expert in Facebook ads overnight. I invested a lot of time and money in honing my skills because I wanted to understand how to do it properly – not just how to put an ad together and read a bit of data. So if you’re not ready to roll your sleeves up and do the deep (but fun!) work, you’re not ready for this programme.

Hi! I’m Emma Van Heusen, and in my experience, you can’t become a true expert unless you’re trained by a true expert. I was lucky enough to start on this journey being mentored by Facebook’s own Global Strategy Team and then went on to invest heavily in advanced training by some of the best-known Facebook Marketers in the World. This played a h-u-g-e part in giving me the confidence to niche down from general social media services to niching into Facebook and Instagram ads that enabled me to grow my business to multiple 6-figures in less than 7 months. They also taught me a lot about the mindset around running your own business – something I was never expecting.

The Facebook ADcelerator was created for you if you feel like:

You’re just dabbling in Facebooks Ads at the moment and don’t feel confident to go “all in” because WOAH they seem complicated and make you want to lie down in a dark room with a flannel on your head

When a client asks you to do Facebook Ads for them, you’re “winging it” because you don’t have a deep understanding of what to do, why to do it, and how to analyse what you have done so that you can make data driven decisions

You say yes to work because you can do it and not because you want to, and you really want to find that sweet spot that has you getting out of bed with a spring in your step instead of a heavy heart

You think you charge enough but when you add up all the out of hours and overtime you do and calculate your hourly rate it’s lowball... and you find yourself wondering if it’s worth the stress and would you be better off getting a job in a supermarket?

You’re bored in your business and need a new, exciting challenge that’s going to fulfil you, both mentally and financially

Your abilities can go beyond social media management and you want to become a go-to expert for something specific that people are increasingly willing to invest in

You’re a Business Owner ready to scale your business online without wasting your adspend on campaign that don’t work

The truth is, Facebook ads are complicated. And Business Manager is confusing. The simple fact is that you don’t know what you don’t know right now. But when you DO know after going through the Facebook ADcelerator, and the complications and confusions fade away, imagine the powerful force you and your business could become.

Some Urban Myths Busted

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You don’t need to be a math whizz to run smoking hot campaigns (I got a D in GCSE math — and that was even after my parents hired me a tutor!!!)

noun_chevron right_930092

You don’t need to be super creative and get excited every time someone mentions Canva.

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You do need a ‘can-do’ attitude as this course gets serious results if you come to it ‘all in’.

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You don’t need to have had previous experience running Facebook Ads, BUT you do need a desire to learn a skill and put in the work to understand how to leverage this.

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The mindset part is not ‘woo woo’ hocus pocus. This is the stuff that EVERY SINGLE OF MY MENTORS has taught me without fail and seeing as they are all highly successful business owners and multi-millionaires I sat up and paid some serious attention.

noun_chevron right_930092

Facebook is dead with the IOS update. Absolute rubbish. It’s still the best advertising platform out there, so where else are businesses going to spend their money when all Facebook’s competitors are experiencing the same changes? My agency’s client roster is growing, not shrinking, and I commit a healthy adspend to Facebook every single month for my own business.


Here’s a taste of how I’ll be helping you succeed
inside the Facebook ADcelerator

Let’s be clear. This is not some course about how to throw an ad together and understand some of the data – there are heaps of those courses around. This is a unique and transformational blend of strategic upskilling, mindset support, and personalised business advice.

This is the course that I wish I'd taken when I first started out. It would have saved me a lot of time and money!

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no point giving you everything you need to know to run successful ad campaigns for your clients if you don’t have the confidence to put yourself out there in the first place (so clients know how to hire you!) and you don’t have your business set up for long-term success. Without fail, all of my mentors have taught me the importance of mindset and I truly believe this is the missing piece of the puzzle that turned my business around.

Because, yes, long-term success is what you’re going to be set up to have once you’ve been through this programme. This course is the one I wished I’d had when I first started out.

When you sign up today you will get:


Instant access to my complete training programme

So you can upskill in your own time (be that before the kids wake up or when you can steal an hour to yourself at the local coffee shop). The videos are full of gold and empty of fluff and have been revamped with all the latest tricks and hacks to set you up for success in 2022. They’re designed to give you the exact training you need and no more, and they’re all stored in your own online dashboard so you can dip in and out whenever suits you. Also, did I mention you get LIFETIME ACCESS*? So, if you ever want to refer back after the programme is finished, you can.


6 live group mentoring call with me, Emma

This is a high-touch program, and I am heavily involved in your progress. This live mentoring isn’t just limited to Q&A though, you can also get my eyes on your own ad accounts and get real time feedback on your actual client campaigns if you’re running them. Magic happens on these calls! And if you can’t make them live? You get access to all the replays.


Over the shoulder examples from my business

So you can see exactly what I do for my own clients and more importantly, WHY. This programme is all about the “how” of Facebook Ads, but it’s also about the strategy behind the how. The strategy is where the true value of your service is. You can create a beautiful ad, but if you don’t know what to do with it and what to pay attention to when making decisions, you won’t get the results you’re truly capable of. I’ll walk you through the entire process — both the thinking and the doing as if you don’t know how to run funnels, you’re leaving masses of money on the table and makes your job more difficult.

ALL my best practices, hacks, and tips (both for ads and running a business)

So you can do hard things the easy way — and the RIGHT way! I am very open about how I run my business, how I get clients and also the prices that you should be charging. I want you to learn from my mistakes and also from my successes which is how I’ve gone from sitting in the job centre to being invited to Necker Island to a Mastermind with Sir Richard Branson.


3 x Monthly Mindset Calls with renowned Coach, Andrea Callanan

So you can take your new set of super-skills out into the market with the confidence of a rockstar. You can know everything there is to know about ads, but if your fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs are stopping you from showing up online, you’ll do yourself and your potential clients a huge disservice. People will want to pay money to you — but they have to know who you are and why you’re the best choice! Andrea’s (literally mind blowing) monthly mindset sessions will help you accelerate your self-belief and confidence to help set you up for success. This is not ‘woo woo’ nonsense. These are the practical steps that some of the most World’s most successful entrepreneurs deploy in their daily lives to set them apart from the competition and are used by every Facebook Ad mentor I have ever worked with.


3 x Monthly Business Calls with one of my Business Coaches

As well as support from my Mindset Coach, you’ll also have access to one of my Business Coaches who has supported me since the start of my journey. She’ll be able to help answer all aspects of your business related questions from how to put boundaries in place to productivity and planning.


Private Facebook group for 12 weeks

You’ll be given access to a private Facebook Group for the next 12 weeks which is manned by my team. As well as being able to connect with fellow students, my amazing support crew will be able to answer any questions you have from the modules.

Here’s a closer look at the in-demand gold your brain is going to be armed with once you dive in.

I want you to learn from my mistakes and also from my successes which is how I’ve gone from sitting in the job centre to being invited to Necker Island to a Mastermind with Sir Richard Branson!

  • Get super familiar with the entire architecture of the dashboard and know exactly where to go for what
  • Understand the different ad objectives and how they can drastically affect your results
  • Knowing your way around the different campaign levels and what each one means
  • Ditch the fear around Business Manager so you can onboard new clients with confidence
  • Get to grips with all the different types of ads that are available to choose from and which ads work best in different niches (this is KEY to becoming an expert)
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the algorithm and, more importantly, how to use it to beat the big brands with deep pockets
  • Swipe my best hacks to help you harness the power of social proof to rev up your results
  • How and why ‘unicorn ads’ can be crucial in the auction process and how to rank better in the newsfeed
  • Understand the true value of difference audiences and where you should be paying the most attention and focusing your budget
  • Know exactly how to build awesome audiences so you can put your ad in front of the right person — this is critical and so many get it wrong (which is when the costs go up and the ads don’t convert!)
  • Leverage your time effectively, so you never fall down another Facebook Ad rabbit hole or make an uninformed choice again
  • Hacks and tools I use in my business to cut down on time spent on audience research
  • Master how to write captivating ad copy (and write it fast!) that makes your ideal audience feel like you’re reading their mind and has them primed to click
  • Be able to select scroll-stopping visuals to pair with your captivating copy so your ads get noticed above the noise
  • Understand the strategy behind a high-performing ad and why this is what underpins ad success
  • The importance of split testing to find the hooks and imagery that resonates with different audience segments
  • Understand the epic power of pixels and events and how to leverage them to ensure your targeting is laser focused (this goes far beyond simply placing a pixel on a page!)
  • Maximise your clients’ ROI by being able to use the data to build even more effective audiences and retargeting audiences
  • Understanding the importance of the long game and how events and triggers can help in this process
  • How to segment your audiences and create VIP audiences that can significantly improve your campaigns
  • Understand how a sales funnel works and where Facebook Ads fit into that so you can build highly effective campaigns that work together and don’t leave money on the table
  • Get an overview of sales psychology and how to implement this in your funnels in 2022 based on the trends we are seeing
  • Increase the value you can offer your clients by knowing how to increase conversion rates to provide them with optimum results
  • Understand what kind of funnels to run for different verticals and even now to run them in your own business to get leads
  • Watch how we build ecomm and lead generation funnels in our agency to get client's results
  • Understand how to improve your campaigns once they’re running to maximise the return from the ad spend
  • Be able to analyse the data and use it to make smart, data driven decisions what to capitalise on and what to scrap, so you can confidently scale the campaign, both horizontally and vertically
  • Be able to work out why a campaign is stalling (without going into panic mode, because this will happen at some point!) or why something that was working suddenly isn’t and what to do to get it back on track
  • Learn industry tips and hacks and the levers to pull on

Once you’ve completed my Facebook Ads course, you’ll transition over to my exclusive membership to receive ongoing Facebook Ads and Business Support from myself and my coaches.

For the next 3 months you'll receive
  • Weekly Support Calls with myself and my coaches
  • Access to my exclusive Membership Facebook Group
  • Monthly Mindset Calls
  • Monthly Business Support Calls
  • Access to additional trainings
  • Monthly Business Manager Support Calls
  • Monthly Guest Expert masterclasses


Vanessa Rinaldi, Owner of Mrs Social

Hear how this course has turned Vanessa’s business around

Faye Morgan, Owner of 365 Day Social

Hear how Faye has 5x’d her income

Caroline Webb, Owner of Socialeyes Digital

Hear how Caroline has triped her income as continues to be mentored by me


Vanessa Rinaldi, Owner of Mrs Social

Hear how this course has turned Vanessa’s business around

Faye Morgan, Owner of 365 Day Social

Hear how Faye has 5x’d her income

Caroline Webb, Owner of Socialeyes Digital

Hear how Caroline has triped her income as continues to be mentored by me

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve had experience boosting the odd post then that will set you in good stead. If you haven’t then I would encourage you to open an ad account before starting the course (we can help you with this) and getting yourself familiar with the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard even if nothing there means anything to you as yet. By the time the course has finished, going in there will feel like second nature and you’ll be interpreting data like a pro!

Each module will take around an hour on average but as you have instant access to the complete course you can go at your own pace.

You’ll have access to the private Facebook Group for 3 months to answer any questions that you have. After this you will have the opportunity to join my membership for ongoing support and further teachings.

No you don’t. I didn’t have a live client when I did my first Facebook Ads course. What I have found during the year I’ve been running this programme, is that most attendees want to go out and get clients as they delve deeper into the course as they are excited by their new found skills and have clients by the end of the 12 weeks.
Without a doubt. Facebook and Instagram are where all the brands both big and small are shifting their budgets because there are no other platforms that have the targeting capabilities and volume of traffic. Think global, not local – there is more than enough work to go round and most course attendees make their investment back within a few months of graduating if not sooner. Some have even recouped their investment before graduating!
You get access to the course for life.
Yes, our team regularly goes through the course to ensure all modules are up to date.
Absolutely. Not everybody who enrolls wants to be a Facebook Marketer. I also get students who want to skill up to understand how to promote and scale their own business with FacebookTM and Instagram ads.

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