Want to run Facebook Ads with confidence?

If you’re tired of wasting money on your Facebook Ads or feeling like you are always ‘winging it’, then my Facebook ADcelerator 12 Week Coaching Programme has been created just for you.

This is not for the faint-hearted. So, if you’re only wanting to have a dabble in Facebook Ads, then this is not for you. If, however, you’re fed up winging it every time a client wants you to run an ad, you want to be able to offer this as part of your services and make more money or you’re a business owner/entrepreneur fed up giving over your hard earned cash to Zucks, – then this programme is for you.

Over the course of 12 weeks, we will cover all the essentials you need to get to grips with in order to build and run successful Facebook ads campaigns PLUS the strategy behind it.

There is more to the programme though – having the right mindset. You can have all the skills but if you don’t understand the importance of having the right mindset to grow your business I can guarantee you now that it won’t happen. This is the missing piece on many of the programmes that I have been on before and has been key to me building a multiple 6 figure business in 7 months.

In terms of commitment, you need to allow around an hour a week to do the lessons (they are in bite size chunks so are really manageable) and another hour (or more, depending on questions and banter!) for our weekly mentoring call. Whether you turn up to calls live or not, a recording will always be available for you to listen back to and gain as much as possible from the learning. The short breaks I include (that coincides with UK school holidays) allows the parents amongst us to avoid the childcare juggle as best we can, and gives everyone some breathing space and an opportunity to catch up if need be.

A closed Facebook Group will allow you to connect and get motivated with other course members, learn from each other, and get valuable support from myself and my crew. The groups we have created so far are phenomenal and are a key component to the course – watching course members encourage one another to grow into their new-found knowledge and roles, and have each other’s backs right from the start really is magical.

If all that isn’t enough to get you ready to conquer the world of Facebook Ads, there will also be a Group Monthly Mindset Session to allow you all the time and space to work on any limiting beliefs, low self-worth and imposter syndrome which can hold us back from achieving what we really want.

Ready to dive in head first and find out what you’re capable of?

The doors are now open for my June cohort and there is an early bird offer for action takers who sign up now. For more info fill in your details below.

Feedback from the graduates has been overwhelming:

Having just completed Emma’s ADcelerator course I can truthfully say what a game changer it has been for me in terms of my career, income and mindset. I didn’t realise the opportunities would come so quickly into the course. Within weeks of starting I had two clients to use as test clients. By the end of the 12-week course I had two new paying clients, running e-comm funnels and have completed several paid 1:1s about ads helping others grow their business.

The course has given me new confidence and extraordinary motivation in building upon my success in the film industry and channeling it towards a career in FB & Instagram Ads that is fulfilling and financially rewarding. I’ve tripled my monthly income in 12 weeks and can only see it rising.

Faye Morgan

365 Day Social

Emma’s Facebook ADcelerator has been a gamechanger for me, personally and professionally. Despite having the social media marketing skills I’d always held back from approaching big brand clients because I lacked the paid social expertise. I had a ‘stuck’ mindset. No longer! Emma’s course sorted me out on both counts. Highly recommend.

Jenny Hall

One Voice Marketing

Before starting Emma’s Facebook ads course I thought I had a vague understanding of how Facebook ads worked. Turned out I didn’t really know much at all! In week one I didn’t even understand the questions being asked by others on the course, it was like reading another language, by week 12 I was fluent! 

Over the 12 weeks Emma taught us every step from the basics through to advanced funnel building and everything in between. But this course is far more than just learning about Facebook ads. My whole mindset & business have changed. I am now so much more confident, have increased my fees and the same month I completed the course, I had my best month ever since going freelance. The support from this course is another level, not only is Emma there cheering you on and celebrating every small win but her team and the other people training with you become the best support system you could imagine. Would I recommend this course to anyone? Hell yes. I’d say it’s probably the best investment in yourself and your business you could ever make. And you’ll probably pay it off before you even finish, I did!

Laura Moore

Laura Moore, Facebook Marketer