With 1.2 billion active users on Facebook every day, this platform is the perfect hunting ground to speak directly to your ideal customers.

Facebook knows an unbelievable amount about its users, which means that the targeting of your ad can be laser focused. The retargeting options are also mind blowing – you can target your email list, your website visitors, people who landed on a certain page, people who watched you video – the list is seemingly endless and you can get pretty ninja too if you know what you’re doing. You also know really quickly if the ad is working, which means you don’t end up wasting money and instead test, learn and optimise to get results.

This type of advertising has blown the gates wide open for businesses of all sizes to grab a slice of the action. Not only is it highly effective it is also affordable – gone are the days of massive budgets in order to reach the masses. The success of an ad no longer relies on those with the deepest pockets but instead with those that know how to leverage the power of paid traffic.

So, with this in mind, here are the ways in which I help businesses connect with their ideal customers:

Want to hire me?

You can hire me on a monthly basis (ideally I would recommend a minimum of three months) to run your ads for you and take the stress and the headache away. No longer do you need to be knee-deep in Power Editor or trying to figure out how to create a Custom Conversion – you tell me what you need and I’ll put a strategy together. This option is for businesses who want to commit some budget to making Facebook Ads a key part of their marketing strategy. If you’re looking to spend £50 here and £100 there to see what happens, then unfortunately I am not for you.

If you’re expecting to see instant results, then unfortunately I am not for you either. Sometimes the results are pretty instant but I never promise this. Facebook ads are all about testing and learning, so you need to come on board with that mindset. There is no ‘secret sauce’ or ‘magic formula’ despite what people might say. If there was, I’d be off in my multi-million dollar yacht anchoring off the coast of Cannes and so would the people who claim this.

There is however a way to approach Facebook Ads in order to maximise results.

If you wanted to hire me, this is how it works:

  • We hop on a discovery call to see if we’re a good fit
  • If so, I’ll provide you with an onboarding questionnaire to understand more about your business and what you need from me
  • I’ll work out the best way to get the results you’re after and plan a strategy. We’ll talk through this to make sure that you understand and are happy with this approach
  • If the Facebook pixel is not already on your website then I’ll set this up first and walk you through the installation
  • We’ll talk through your funnel, so that once we have the leads coming in you have the measures in place to nurture them and turn them into paying customers
  • I’ll research the audiences we need for testing purposes
  • I can build a landing page and write copy if required with an opt-in box which I’ll integrate to your email service provider
  • I will create and write the copy for ads for your approval
  • I will A/B test to help discover what resonates with your audience
  • I will run your campaign for you and optimise and scale as I go. Your ads will be monitored on a daily basis – I’m obsessed with looking at the stats!
  • I will provide weekly reports and a final report once the campaign has finished

One to One Coaching Package (£5,000 for 12 weeks)


Power Hour (£497)

Have you ever thought how handy it would be if only you could speak to someone about Facebook Ads instead of endless googling or guessing? I am that person. This session is a 60 minute screen-sharing service tailored specifically to you. Clients use their hour in a variety of ways from understanding how the objectives influence the algorithm to getting more familiar with Ads Manager. If you feel like you just need to sit down with someone online for an hour and pick their brain rather than trying to figure it all out on your own, then this is for you.